Understanding the Impact of Chemicals in Produced Water in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Projects

by Michael Nilan1, Pascale Stang1, Mona E.Dadkhah1,2 , Ashish K Sahu1
1. Aquateam COWI AS, Hasleveien 10, N-0571, Oslo, Norway (www.aquateam.no), 2: NTNU, the Ugelstad lab

Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is a generic term used for increasing the amounts of crude oil that can be extracted from an oil reservoir or an oilfield. Usu-ally this is done in an effort to increase the output of a matured field where con-ventional-recovery methods have been exhausted. EOR efforts require strong reser-voir characterization tech-niques i.e. fractured net-work mapping, permeability distribution through well tests, and permeability up-scaling.

See the whole article published in "The First, SPE Oslo Magazine" May 2014

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