The Norwegian Engineers and Managers Association (FLT) 2014 education award presented to M.Sc Michael Nilan for research in the field of algae harvesting with the use of Salsnes Filtration technology.


 The Magnus Mitbø educational award—for academic excellence—was present to M. Sc Michael Nilan (third from right) by the Association of Management and Technology (FLT) for work he did in completing his master's thesis, entitled "Micoalgae Harvesting Using Salsnes Filter Technology," at the University of Stavanger, Norway. After thorough consideration, this award is presented by the Norwegian municipality and local authorities in recognition of exceptional educational achievement.
Mr Nilan's master's thesis dealt with improving the algae harvesting process to be vastly more efficient and cost effective through the use of Salsnes filter Technology. The harvesting process is comprised of three crucial stages: 1) particle separation, 2) thickening and, 3) dewatering. In addition to an extensive literature research, Mr Nilan contributed to the testing and development of this state of the art technology at a wastewater treatment plant in Spain. The work he did, performed in connection with his master studies, was done as part of an international consortium research project; co-funded by the EU and organized by Salsnes Filter AS.

More information (in Norwegian): FLTs utdanningspris til minne om Magnus Midtbø

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